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4 Interactive Ways to Engage Your Audience

The times when event participants simply wanted to be showered with info and look at endless PowerPoint presentations are over. There are plenty of interactive tools out there to make your events interactive –  here are a few suggestions to liven up your meeting, event or conference.


  • Introduce some Live Polls to kick-start your presentations
  • Adding an interactive screen in the event welcome area
  • Engage your audience and have a bit of fun with a Catchbox microphone
  • Live stream your event to a larger audience

Live Polls - Voting

What:  Interactive voting using your phone, this replaces traditional handset voting buttons. The user can use it to vote, ask questions and more. It is easy to operate and everyone has a mobile phone on them they can use for this.

Why: This can be used for Q&A Sessions at the end of presentations, panel discussions and to break up long presentations. It can help to stop the audience from drifting off after lunch and it keeps your engagement with the audience fresh and lively, it creates interaction between audience and presenter and it can be useful to gather important data for future use.


Have a look at Sli.do for more information on how to do this.

Live Polling

Interactive Screen for Reception

What:  This is a fab touchy-feely way to engage the audience as soon as they step up to your reception desk! A hands-on touchscreen for delegates to access information at an event. The screen operates just like the screen on a mobile phone and can include all this information – speaker bios, video clips, twitter feed, event logo and more…


Why: Great for everyone but especially a young audience. Millennials and younger just get know instinctively how to operate an interactive screen.

Introduce the Catchbox Microphone to create some fun

What:  Live Stream the event to your audience using the internet. The conference is filmed using a camera then streamed to the internet via a platform or can be live streamed directly via YouTube or similar.


Why: The audience do not have to actually attend the conference they can be sitting at the desk or home in front of their computers/phone/tablet. They can drop in and out of the conference whenever they choose to. The audience can interact with the conference can ask questions. Useful for wider audience or audience based in various locations even global.

Live Streaming an Event for Public Health Wales

Live Stream Your Event to an Audience

What: The Catchbox is the world’s first throwable microphone. It is a soft cube with a wireless microphone, which operates similarly to a hand-held radio microphone. It can be safely passed around without getting damaged or causing unwanted noises. You can customise the covers with your event logo or sponsors.


Why: It is fabulous at engaging the audience – it is a much faster, easier and fun way to get your audience talking during a Q&A session. The discussion becomes more spontaneous, the Catchbox lightens the mood and breaks the ice.

Catchbox radio microphone

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