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What is a Hybrid Event?

The Background

An event used to mean booking a room and inviting people along to meet one another and see the presentation.

Then, suddenly, having a group of people in one place became a problem. Virtual events became normal. Just send everyone an e-mail invitation and join them all together in a virtual meeting space.

That was brilliant and everyone saw the benefit of not having to travel to get to a meeting. But of course we are human and we like to shake hands and look people in the eye. The virtual meeting takes away the excitement of a live, in-person presentation.


So now, we need to think about a different type of event – a hybrid event. Hybrid events combine the features and benefits of both in-person and on-line meetings. This is true whether you have an awards ceremony or a product launch.

There will be an in-person event but just a few people need to be there. There will also be an on-line audience, but they are not just watching, they can join in and interact with the meeting.

Whatever you are doing you can be in-person or you can be online and enjoy the event to the full.

How do we do it?

Our team have years of technical expertise to ensure the flawless execution of your event. We are the technical experts who know how to get things done and just as importantly how to deal with the pressure of a live event.

When the event is online we can manage it in just the same way.


Staging a Hybrid Event

We can set up all the staging and lighting you would expect in a live event. We can also set up the tools you need to allow the remote participants to fully join in. We can use Zoom or Teams or any other system. Each platform brings its own features and limitations and we can help you decide which will suit your people and your objectives the best.

Managing Hybrid Events

It is not just a matter of logging everyone into the meeting. You need to control what the remote people can see and what the local audience can see. Sometimes everyone just needs to see the slide presentation, at other times everyone needs to see everyone else. But you might want to show the questions coming in to the local audience while the remote audience sees and hears the presenter.

All this needs some planning and careful technical management.

Planning a hybrid event? We can help!

What they said...

"..Honestly I would struggle to find fault. Everything was spot on, the team were helpful and friendly. The AV equipment was high quality and worked seamlessly. It was great to have confidence that we could just leave everything in your capable hands. "

Sarah Knox
Marketing and Communications Executive
FW Capital

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