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A professional signage network delivers your message, just the way you want.


Keep visitors, staff, and key members of your team up-to-date with the latest streams displayed in real time.


Motivate and inspire people with bright, stunning and versatile signage, that’s also flexible enough to work on 1 or 100 displays.


Catch the attention of people and keep it, with branded signage, live TV, and support for your favorite office apps.

What Can Digital Signage Provide?


Set your organisation apart with Live TV channels that can be streamed across your network, branded and customised to suit your requirements.

Social Media

Our society is more connected and social than ever before. Bring in live feeds and direct them across your network.


Schedule messages and rolling text to appear as and when you need. Provide a personal greeting or live stats, and drive growth in your organisation.


All your favourite images, videos and music files can be played and scheduled as a part of the overall system. Our systems are compatible with almost everything you already use.

Network Control

Check on the status of your network, send content, set schedules and even power on/off displays as you require. All via your own network or the cloud. Manage your system anyplace, anytime.

Office Apps

Keep using Office app’s like PowerPoint, Word and Excel, and send them directly to your system for easy content management.

User Accounts

Give layered access and control to different members of your team. Split your system any way you see fit, and grant access to the right people.

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‘Communicate, Inform and Delight…’

Client – Dwr Cymru // Welsh Water

Location – Multiple locations, Wales, UK

Brief: Design, Installation and Commission of a Full HD Digital Signage network

Background / Summary

The Communications team at Welsh Water have a tough and demanding role to play in the delivery of Wales’ largest not-for-profit service organisation. They are tasked with supporting the flow of information across the workforce, which comprises of a vast array of different roles, ranging from telephone and contact centre support workers to onsite field engineers and everything and everyone in between. The communications team needed a way of harnessing the already existing displays in each location, to provide one centrally managed signage platform, that enables them to control content from any location within their enterprise network.

There was also the need to broadcast live TV channels through the system to support the content with occasional news items and updates.


The team at Welsh Water had to satisfy the requirements of an incredibly tight security setup, as well as balancing performance, value and an overall ease of use for non-technical end users. The system needed to be fully scalable, as the Communications team needed to run a pilot scheme across the network initially in order to prove proof of concept, as well as then being able to add more screens and locations as and when required.


Drake AV was approached by Welsh Water to provide a solution to this brief. Drake AV had established itself as a preferred supplier to Welsh Water for all AV Services and Equipment and had developed a close working relationship with Welsh Water through many years of supplying AV equipment and Services for hire at corporate events and conferences. Drake AV has one of the finest AV Hire teams in the country, and our trademark quality and attention to detail during every project is the reason our clients continue to use our services and equipment time after time.


To satisfy all the project stakeholders at Welsh Water, Drake AV put together three different Digital Signage proposals that offered a variety of features, infrastructure setup and access control. These were all evaluated through project meetings, onsite demonstrations and meetings with each manufacturer so that no stone was left unturned or untested.


After much deliberation, it was decided that the Onelan Signage System offered the best solution to the team at Welsh Water. This was a combination of the ease of use and powerful capabilities within the system to handle all the extra features Welsh Water wanted to include, as well as
offering the best on-premise enterprise solution and UK based support options and head office. The Onelan system was favoured over cloud-based offerings as it allowed the IT and Network teams to place the Onelan Content Server inside their main server rack, and thus control the network
environments down to the last detail.

User Access and 24/7

The Onelan system enabled Welsh to setup multiple user accounts with varying levels of control over the content on the screen. This ensured that the management could have overall control over content layout, size and theme, whilst handing local users control over text messages and local information items. Combined with Onelan’s extensive Calendar and Scheduling options that allow the Comms team to plan out as far as they can the content and schedule, ensuring they have the ability to deliver their message anytime, anyway. This gives them more time to concentrate on what message to deliver in the most effective way.

Live Feeds and IPTV

The security systems at Welsh Water are naturally as secure as can be, which provided a slight challenge to the design team at Drake AV, in ensuring that live feeds and outside content could be delivered safely into the Signage system without compromising the network.

Training and Support

Welsh Water was provided with onsite training given directly by Onelan’s account representative. This was a 4-hour session which enabled users who had never seen the system before to walk away with the ability to create, upload and schedule content across the network. This was further supported by some onsite commissioning and training on setting up and adjusting the IPTV stream to suit their exact specifications.


The project was delivered within budget and the installation was managed in tangent with the Facilities and Network teams at Welsh Water to ensure successful commission and set up in the most efficient means possible. The pilot was successful and now enables the Comms team to meet the needs of the initial brief laid out at the beginning of the project.

What They Said...

“The solution provided by Drake’s has given us a consistent, easy to use tool to provide cross-site, visual communications to many of our colleagues. The support, with a single point of contact throughout the development of the solution, was good and we are happy with the result. We appreciate we had very specific requirements owing to our security needs but Drakes were able to accommodate this to deliver the outcome we wanted.”

Tom Coles – Internal Communications Manager

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