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Drake AV offers solutions for Zoom and for Microsoft Teams

If you are using MS Teams as your desktop standard system, then you will  want your meeting rooms to behave the same way. In a Teams Room you can walk in and just press one button to join a meeting.

Drake AV has a complete range of systems that are Microsoft Teams Certified. There’s one that’s perfect for every room from the smallest huddle space right up to large conference rooms.

We can also offer ways to join in Zoom meetings, Google Meet, WebEx and more.

If you work from home, it’s amazing how much more comfortable your meetings will be with the simple addition of a speaker/phone like the Poly Sync 20

One Piece Systems

The Logitech Rally Bar is a complete videoconference system in a single integrated unit. This includes a camera with automatic framing, a long range microphone array system, loudspeakers and a video codec.
This can be used as a BYOD system or it can run MS Teams or Zoom. There are additional components available to make the system into a Teams Rooms(with the TAP touchscreen controller). There are also expansion microphones and mounting accessories.

Intelligent Cameras

The Poly E70 is a very intelligent device including two cameras. Poly’s artistically engineered meeting experience and AI come together to create Poly DirectorAI smart camera technology. Choose between group framing, people framing, or speaker framing to create the most equitable experience for your hybrid meetings.

Yealink S90 system

Microsoft Teams Rooms

Certified by  Microsoft, these dedicated MS Teams Room systems give the fullest possible Teams integration. You get the same touch control whichever brand of hardware you choose.

They all allow the simplest possible single touch to join a meeting.

Yealink offer different versions to suit everywhere from a huddle space to a multicamera conference centre.

Wireless Presentation

In Teams and Zoom, you can show your presentation wirelessly from your laptop.

Interactive Touchscreens

When you use an interactive touchscreen as your main screen, this connects directly to the system and you can control the whole call from the touchscreen.

Audio Systems

Integrated Android soundbar devices all have built in audio ready to go. With the  Windows systems we can design and install a custom audio solution that fits your room and your meetings. This can include wireless or ceiling mounted microphones.

Control Systems

We design, build and support bespoke control systems. These can be linked directly into the video conference touch control panel. One touch panel can control the meeting, the blinds, the lighting and the aircon….

Our History

We’ve been around since the beginning of the industry, and over that time, we’ve seen the development of technology fuel an incredible era in human history. In today’s modern society, digital technology plays a fundamental role in the use of AV equipment to better our communications, collaboration and development.

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