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Do I Ask Too Much of My AV Kit?

Think of it like this….. would you buy a brand-new Rolls-Royce without ever intending to have it correctly serviced and maintained?


In my 42 years of supplying professional AV equipment and presentation systems, I’ve often experienced a reluctance to protect the investment in this way.


I’ve seen high-end projectors remain untouched for 6 or 7 years and still be expected to soldier on during important occasions with diminished performance. If I’d demonstrated it like this originally, I would not have expected to win the sale!


Just because your AV equipment appears reliable, it doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be cared for. In fact, it could well be that a fault or failure is imminent and will occur, as always, when least expected or during a ‘never to be repeated’ event – egg on the face time!

AV Service and Maintenance. Close-up photo of TV wall bracket installation, service maintenance.

Top Five Reasons to Consider Securing an AV Service Maintenance Contract

  • Scheduled preventative maintenance will ensure that your valuable investment will be performing at its very best, reflecting positively on presenters and audiences alike.
  •  Tailored AV Service & Maintenance plans are designed to give you that important year-round operational confidence in your presentation systems.
  • Projectors, filters and optics are cleaned, lamps inspected and replaced as required. Image focus and alignment is checked and adjusted and interactive models have their calibration adjusted.
  • Large format display screens are cleaned and interactive whiteboards re-calibrated.
  • Install the latest firmware updates. Often the reason your AV kit isn’t working up-to-scratch is because the latest updates haven’t been installed.
Hand with network cable, AV Service Maintenance

Choosing a Service Provider

A quality service provider will be knowledgeable, experienced, accessible and flexible. They will be willing to answer your questions about their services and work with you to find solutions to meet your needs.


Please remember, your AV investment needs care and…….. prevention is better than cure!


For more information check out one of our case studies on a typical AV Service Maintenance Contract at St John’s School in Cardiff.

AV Engineer working at height. AV Service and Maintainence

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