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ISE 2018 - A Glimpse Into The Largest AV Show in the World! Part 2

This year Integrated Systems Europe 2018 (ISE) had an entire hall dedicated to XR.  XR is an umbrella term to describe applications which include virtual, mixed and augmented reality technologies.

Girl Wearing a Virtual Reality headset, XR Reality, ISE

So... What is XR Technology?

XR can range from what we usually call virtual reality with accompanying headsets, to optical illusions, made to trick the eye into believing 3D generated objects are right in front of you, using a technique called ‘Pepper’s Ghost’.


A walk through the XR hall at ISE 2018 presented items which seemed to jump out at you as you strolled by, which enviably caught the eye.  One such simple installation was called DeepFrame™, by RealFiction©.

Example of XR Reality

Their website states:


“DeepFrame is a revolutionary mixed-reality display that sets new standards by merging the real and virtual world, to produce visualizations where physical and digital elements blend in real-time”


DeepFrame is definitely a wow-factor item, with its holographic image only apparent to those who chanced by the front of the actual display setup. A single curved glass window is used to display the projected image

A Virtual Reality Velociraptor, XR Reality, ISE 2018

While you stroll by unassumingly a velociraptor jumps out at you snarling and moving around the actual 3D space behind the glass frame. A very large lifelike 3D image is produced much larger than the other holographic projections from other exhibitors.  The large display frame allows for an immersive augmented reality, without the need for headsets, handheld user devices or a narrow perspective viewpoint.


All the viewer has to do is stand in front of the glass frame and the image appears.  It’s obviously a large setup with a portable glass window in a frame with projector housing.  However, they have managed to make it seem unobtrusive and it would certain fit many applications, where overhead projection is not an option and portability is key.


Take a look at my video clip below and let me know what what you think!

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Pick of the Best AV Tech, ISE 2018, Part 2


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