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How to work effectively from a home office

You have to have good audio

Most of us are spending some of our time working from home now. It does look as though this is becoming permanent for many people.

That means we’re spending more and more time in video meetings. How can we make them more effective and more comfortable? We need a good clear picture and most important of all we need good quality audio.

How can you get the best audio in your home office? If you are lucky enough to have a dedicated room with a door that shuts and not many noisy disturbances the most comfortable system will generally be a hands free loudspeaker and microphone. This means you can talk completely naturally and move if you want to. A good system will deal with the echo cancellation without you having to think about it.

I’ve been using a ClearOne Chat 50 and I’ve been very pleased with it. There are a number of other similar products available.

If you like to stand or walk around while you’re in a meeting then you will like the latest in camera systems that will automatically track you as you move around. There’s a stand alone USB camera called the Huddly or going one step further the Poly Studio USB is a soundbar with built in tracking camera and microphone system.

Poly Studio Sound Bar

Most of us though, will not have this ideal dedicated room, we may have to share with someone else or work in the corner of a living room.

In that case you will really enjoy a top quality headphone set. Something like the Poly Blackwire 8225.  This will guarantee great audio quality both for you and the other people in the call. The headphones have built in noise reduction and so does the microphone system. You can have all this with a single USB connection and Teams Certification giving you one touch calling.

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