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Interactive Hybrid Events: Video Conferencing & Live Streaming

More and more we are finding that there may be a live audience, but there will be many more joining the event remotely. There might be half a dozen people in one other location; or hundreds scattered in loads of different places.

We all know Wales has the A55 in the North and the M4 in the South and a lot of sheep in the middle. All I hear from event organisers is how do you get delegates from North Wales to attend conferences in Cardiff or vice versa. No one wants to spend hours on the A470 stuck behind a tractor or incur the costs of an overnight stay and the 2-3 days out of the office.

Using video conferencing for an event to link up two venues Cardiff and Llandudno

Multi-Hub Link-Up between Two Venues

This method is using a video conferencing as a way of linking up two or more venues. This is really useful when your audience is spread geographically over a wide area. For example, you might have an office based in Llandudno and an office in Cardiff along with home workers in Aberystwyth and Swansea.


Format – The event is held in two or more venues at the same time. Each venue has a camera set up so the speakers and delegates can be on screen when speaking or asking a question. Presenters at both venues can deliver presentations, answer questions from the audience and be viewed and listened to by all parties.

This saves time, hassle and money for both the audience  and presenters.


All you need is a good internet connection. Drake AV can provide the equipment to run a live conference as well as employing video conference technology to deliver clear visual images and crisp quality sound to remote participants anywhere in the world.

Live Video Streaming

Maybe your audience is spread over a much wider area, not just Wales but maybe as far away as Europe or are not able to attend for other reasons. In this case, you could deliver your conference via live video streaming.

Format – The invited viewer clicks onto a URL to join the event. We can manage the entire event controlling all the viewers,  muting all their microphones. We can also switch from a presenter to a full-screen video presentation depending whenever it’s needed.

At the same time we will be talking to the next presenter, checking their slides and adjusting the quality of their image so they are ready for the cue when it comes.

The joining URL can be embedded into the event webpage.

The viewer can see this on their PC, mobile phone or other devices that connect to the internet. The viewer can comment and ask questions, this can be moderated.


A good internet connection is required. The AV provider can supply the normal AV equipment to run a conference – along with equipment to film the presenters, panel discussion and audience questioners. Equipment can be provided to run the live stream and even manage the live stream platform.


The presentations can be recorded on-site at the event and then provided at a later stage so that you can embed into your website to ensure anyone who missed the live event can watch it at their leisure.


The above examples show that modern conferences can be designed to be flexible for the viewer. The viewer can watch a live stream in real time or watch it at a later time to fit in with a busy schedule. The presenter can even take part in a virtual conference in Venue Cymru, Llandudno presenting to an audience in the SWALEC Stadium, Cardiff.


See our case study…

Woman hand using modern laptop computer to connect with live streaming video on social network
Live Streaming an Event for Public Health Wales

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