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Video conferencing solutions for home and small meetings

Let's Huddle

The Huddly IQ is ideally suited for a home office and executive desktop setup. With HD ultra-wide-angle video it makes you look sharp and professional from the comfort of your own home.

Designed for huddle rooms and other smaller workspaces, Huddly IQ ensures that everyone is seen and heard.  Furthermore it features HD 150° ultra-wide-angle video and a microphone array. As a result of Genius Framing it detects the people in its field of view and frames them perfectly.

Huddly cameras are an essential part of many first-rate solutions, enabling video conferencing and collaboration for enterprises that use Zoom, the easy, reliable cloud platform





Whether you use Zoom or Microsoft Teams for your video meetings, the microphone in your laptop is not going to do you justice.

This microphone from biamp will make a big difference. It’s an eight element microphone which actively selects your voice when you speak.

You can have the desk version, but most of our customers prefer the ceiling hanging version. This means you can move the furniture without any cables to bother you.

In larger rooms we can install two microphones and additional loudspeakers – just ask.

These are top quality video-conference systems. The prices are very reasonable too. Contact us for a demonstration.

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Let’s Huddle


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