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What did you say?

For every meeting you have to be sure everyone can hear clearly

Every large conference room should have some audio support built in so that every speaker, even the quiet ones, can be easily heard. You will also need a way for the chair to interrupt and manage the meeting.

Now imagine you are having the same meeting in different rooms in different locations and they don’t have this facility built in.

What can you do?

A wireless conference system is the perfect solution.

Every delegate can have their own microphone and when anyone speaks the audio is relayed to the desk units in front of every other delegate. There is an option for plugging in earphones or induction loops for those with particular hearing difficulties.

If you have a public meeting with an additional audience then you can simply take an output from the conference management wireless router to any PA system.

The wireless desktop units are easy to place on your table, clip in the microphone and you are ready to go.

The wireless router carries all the control functions and you can log in to make adjustments and manage the meeting with any web browser. You decide which unit is for the chair, you decide how many people can be speaking at once.

The chairman can override all other speakers at the press of a button.

When your meeting is over you can recharge the batteries (one charge can give up to 24 hours of meeting time) and then pack everything into the beautiful carrying case.

Your meeting venue is completely untouched and the whole conference system can be easily moved and stored.

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What did you say?


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