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Smarter Meeting Rooms

You are designing a new meeting room. What will you need?

Evoko room booking display

We've put together an event where you can see the latest equipment for smarter meetings

Starting at the beginning, you will need a room booking system.  Now you can see immediately if a room is free or when its next in use. The booking system links to your Outlook calendar so you can immediately check and book a room. You can do this from your desk or your ‘phone or from the room itself.


Next you’ll need somewhere to sit so you can all see the screen. The Synergy desk range from Dalen/Top-Tec is perfect. Everything is in the right place with very little installation. These desks are available in a huge range of shapes, sizes and colours.  Because of this your architect should be happy  too.

Synergy 6 seater desk with integrated display


We’ve all arrived on time thanks to the booking system. We’ve all got somewhere to sit with a view of the screen. Now you need to connect your laptop to the screen. One simple and quick solution is NovoPro from Vivitek.


You simply plug the Launcher into your laptop USB. Then press the big button to appear on screen. The special feature of this system is that the Launcher sets up its own WiFi link to the base station. This means you can go on using your regular WiFi on the laptop. There’s no need for your IT department to change anything.


Now that the meeting is underway you want to ask your design team a question. But they work on another site. Your Dolby Voice Room system will give you a top quality audio and video meeting with them at a touch.

The Dolby Voice system has the legendary Dolby audio quality. You can use it for conference calls and video calls.

The video camera has a remarkably wide view which allows it to automatically track and fill the frame with a whiteboard on the wall of the room. That’s just one example.


You can see all this and more at our ‘Smarter Meeting Rooms’ event on Feb 20th 2019 in the St Davids Hotel in Cardiff Bay.

If you missed it please get in touch and we’ll arrange something for you.

Launcher plugged into laptop
DolbyVoiceRoom conference 'phone and camera

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Smarter Meeting Rooms


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