AV Boardroom Upgrade

Upgrading AV Communication in Changing Times....

Location: Blaenau Gwent

Requirement: Upgrade to Existing AV System

Tai Calon Community Housing is the largest social housing landlord in the Blaenau Gwent County Borough.


Tai Calon got in touch with Drake AV to ask for our help to update their AV in their boardroom. Their boardroom is used for internal business meetings, training and community meetings.

AV Requirements:

Tai Calon had basic AV infrastructure, which needed updating to manage current video conference requirements, especially now with current Coronavirus social distancing rules.


Their current problems were:


  • An old projection system, which projected  a 4:3 image, where the projection screen placement and size did not provide an adequate picture for the audience.
  • An existing video conference system which delivered a good image but distributed poor sound.
  • Also, the boardroom was not set up with an assistive listening system aiding the hard of hearing.
  • Visible cabling.

What we proposed:

Large 75″ Visual Display


To ensure the best possible picture for the audience we proposed to replace their existing projecting system a large 75” 16:9 format, 4k resolution LED screen.


Unicol Goal Post System


The best place for the screen was against a curved wall under some architectural coving. To get around the curved wall and coving problem we used a Unicol Goal Post System, ideally suited for this application. We fixed the Unicol poles to the ceiling and floor and were able to place this directly in front of the large boardroom table ensuring all the audience could have a good view of the screen.


Better Video Conference Sound


The second problem was the sound. It is a common problem with video conference systems that the sound from a desk microphone is not sufficient for a large boardroom, it often means that the far end cannot hear some of participants who are situated in far ends of the room.


Our solution provided a pair of Clock audio ceiling hanging microphones. An Extron amplifier provided amplification and an Extron DSP provided the ability to set and control the audio levels as well as the levels for the induction loop system.


This meant that all the sound from the Tai Calon boardroom for their Zoom and Microsoft Teams video conference meetings are crystal clear and free from annoying feedback sound.

Induction Loop System


An Induction Loop System is an audio technology which supports improved hearing and communication for people with a hearing impairment. We provided a system, which works with the sound equipment so that all the user has to do is switch their hearing device to the “T” position. The system is adept at  unwanted sounds such as other conversations and background noise are not picked up and no special receivers are required.


Wireless Presentations


The last problem was cabling – the customer did not want any visible cabling. Our solution was to provide a Kramer ViaGo a cost effective wireless presentation system. It eliminates the need to connect the laptop to the screen using cables and  supports up to 1080p resolution. You can have up to 2 users sharing content on the screen at the same time and the cherry on the icing is that it is really simple to use!

What They Said...

We chose Drake AV to modernise our boardroom.

There was few challenges with the layout of the room but Helen and Ian helped us with a solution which was perfect for our needs.

Installation was smooth and tidy, would recommend Drake AV to anyone looking to do a similar project.

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