The Royal Mint, Llantrisant

One Touch Dial for the Royal Mint

A top quality video conference space

Location: Llantrisant, Rhondda Cynon Taf

Requirement: Professional Video Conference System

The Royal Mint has clients all over the world so a top class video meeting room is essential. Because of this, the system Drake AV proposed offered one touch dialling. This works into both Zoom and Microsoft Teams video conference meetings. We also included an automatic camera system that frames the person speaking.

Since the conversations would be about coins and medals we included a high specification visualiser. This can fill the frame with a crisp high definition image of a single coin.

Client Requirements:

Remote Meetings (Teams, Zoom, Skype for Business)

The Royal Mint is a government-owned mint that produces coins for the United Kingdom.  As well as minting circulating coins for use domestically and internationally, the mint also produces  commemorative coins and medals. The mint exports to an average of 60 countries a year. these exports make up 70% of its total sales.

The original London mint was established in 886 AD and operated within the Tower of London for about 800 years. In 1967 the Mint moved from London  to a new 38 acres plant in Llantrisant, Wales. This is where it has remained since.

For their marketing the Mint needs to be able to connect at high quality with a worldwide audience. Their system will connect to standards based video conference systems as well as Microsoft Teams, Zoom and many others.

video conference logo for zoom
video conference logo for Microsoft Teams

What we proposed:

Poly G7500

Sometimes rooms present unique challenges. Because of this you may want more control over how to equip a room. The Poly G7500 makes this possible. It is a modular system for video conferencing that enables us to configure the exact system you want. At the same time it is easy for everyone to use.

Loaded with features, yet simple to set up and use, the G7500 will leverage your design to power your meetings and wow your teams.

Along with the G7500 codec we used the G7500 desk microphone pod, a Poly Director II camera system, a Wolfvision high definition visualiser and the Poly TC8 touch screen controller.

The codec is connected to two 65″ high definition screens, one for people and the other for any shared content.

In order to offer one touch connection into pre-booked meetings we also used the Poly RealConnect service.

Poly touch screen control panel

The Poly TC8 touch control panel has a single cable connection and gives full and intuitive control over the conference system. Your pre-booked meetings appear on the screen and you can join the meeting with a single touch.

The panel also controls content sharing – with the G7500 that can include wired connections and wireless Miracast and Airplay.

Wolfvision high definition visualiser

The visualiser has a 4k resolution camera and 64x zoom for incredible flexibility when displaying content onscreen. Images are always crystal clear, even when zooming in closely on materials.

Poly Director II video camera system

The Poly Director camera system includes two pan and tilt cameras with 12x optical zoom. The Director uses a combination of face recognition technology and a directional microphone array to identify the person speaking. It then uses the two cameras to give you an almost TV quality presentation cutting between close shots of the people in the conversation.


After the installation was completed we provided a training session for some of the main users.  This meant everyone was familiar with the equipment and knowledgeable on the best practice for using the system for a video conference meeting.


The training session is a complimentary part of the package we provide to our customers. All of our customers are provided with training when the installation is complete.

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