Microsoft Teams Meeting Rooms

Estyn - the education and training inspectorate for Wales

Location: Anchor Court, Keen Rd, Cardiff

The Brief

Estyn’s vision is to improve the quality of education and training and outcomes for all learners in Wales.

Their mission is to support education and training providers to develop a self-improving and learning culture through our advice, inspection and capacity building.

This means they need to regularly and frequently meet with educators and their local inspectors throughout Wales. To achieve this, Estyn commissioned Drake AV to install Microsoft Teams video conference equipment. We put similar systems in their five regular meeting rooms. We also installed a presentation and larger video meeting system in their conference area.

The conference area is flexible. There is one large space that can be adjusted to include one or two of their meeting rooms. So the video system has to be able to adapt to that.

Our Solution

Our solution was to standardise on the Poly range of equipment for the meeting rooms. Each room has a Poly Studio X30 or a Poly Studio X50. Both systems were installed with the Poly TC8 touchscreen control panel. Since the entire system is integrated it only needs one touch on the control panel to join a meeting. You don’t have to bring a laptop or fiddle with a PC.
Beyond that, if you have a call on your laptop you can transfer it to the room system when you walk in the room.

In the large flexible conference area for audio pickup we selected the Sennheiser wireless range of desk bases with gooseneck microphones. When the room is in the conference layout with groups around tables each group has its own microphone for full involvement in the discussion.

A pair of Extron DSPs manages the microphones and echo cancellation. the system also controls the speaker outputs to match the current room layout.

One unusual feature of the wireless desk microphones is wireless charging. You just sit them on the wireless charger to get another 20 hours of microphone use.

For the conference area video system we chose the Poly G85. This is a Teams native PC based system featuring a dedicated touch control panel. This gives the fullest Teams experience and maintains a similar interface to the smaller meeting rooms.

We also use the Yealink range of Microsoft Teams Room systems. The new Yealink Smartvision 60 camera is an interesting example that uses the growing Teams AI features.

For Estyn we chose the Poly Director II. This camera system automatically tracks the person speaking and cuts the picture to feature that person. The result is an almost TV quality of presentation.

In the meeting rooms we used simple and reliable SY button panels. Press the ON button and the screen drops, the projector turns on and the system links to the Poly videoconference device – just touch the TC8 touch panel to join the meeting.

The conference suite needed a more powerful control system and we used an Extron touch panel and integrated controller. The touch panel is password protected so only authorised users can manage the system. This allows you to select whether the meeting room s are joined in with the conference space. It routes the video and audio to the rooms as required.


Here are some more pictures of the system

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